The Missing Link Between Body Chemistry and Psychiatric Misdiagnosis

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The Missing Link Between Body Chemistry and Psychiatric Misdiagnosis

With mental illnesses on the rise worldwide and the rapid development of medicinal drugs for every ailment, little thought is given to one’s personal health, or lack of it, as a cause. Misdiagnosing mental illnesses is more common than we imagine and it is indeed devastating to be told we have a personality disorder when we really have depression. Worse though, is to be diagnosed with schizophrenia when we actually only have mercury poisoning. The missing link in the latter cases of psychiatric misdiagnosis is sadly, rooted in good old-fashioned ignorance. Our condition might well have an immediate physical cause – such as a faulty diet, nutritional imbalance, mercury fillings in our teeth, too much copper in our drinking water, intolerance to gluten or some or other prescription drug, to name a few.

A Case Of Body Chemistry

Neville Mandy, researcher, author and owner of The Natural Health Foundation, reminds us how easy it would be for psychiatric misdiagnosis. He reports:

“In my early 40’s, it took me all of three gloomy years to discover that I was allergic to cheese. For some reason, I become severely depressed the day after eating any kind of cheese. But what was the solution to my problem? Clearly, even though my allergy gave rise to psychiatric symptoms, any amount of psychiatric treatment would have done nothing to alleviate my suffering. The only solution was for me to stop eating cheese.”

Without discrediting psychiatry, we must never discount the possibility that the cause of our “mental” complaint could have nothing whatsoever to do with our distant past and nothing whatsoever, in fact, to do with our state of mind. Psychiatric misdiagnosing and its bedfellow, missed diagnosis aside, the tragic truth is that the lives of a great many people have been turned into a living nightmare by psychiatric drugs – especially those drugs that fall into the “benzo” or “benzodiazepine” group. Withdrawal from these drugs can be a horror story of note that can continue for two years or longer.

ECT (Electroshock Therapy) Still Subject To Psychiatric Misdiagnosis

Many people are under the impression that electric shock therapy is one of those bizarre treatments that belong to our “unenlightened past.” Yet, surprisingly, this method of treatment has been very much revived in recent decades. It is acknowledged that ECT, like certain psychiatric drugs, disables or partly disables the frontal lobes of the brain.

As Dr Peter Breggin, a highly qualified psychiatrist and a former teaching fellow at Harvard Medical School, author of Toxic Psychiatry and acutely aware of the psychiatric misdiagnosis debacle explains:

“The frontal lobes are the seat of higher human functions, such as love, concern for others, empathy, self-insight, creativity, initiative, autonomy, rationality, abstract reasoning, judgement, future planning, foresight, willpower, determination, and concentration.”

The theory has long been advanced that it is through the frontal lobes that we receive spiritual impressions. If this is, in fact, the case, then we must conclude that any treatment that produces a lobotomy-like effect could not only obliterate our conscience and personality but even knock out the “modem” that enables our capacity for spiritual connectivity.

Regarding the very real issue of psychiatric misdiagnosis and its devastating consequences, Neville Mandy appropriately concludes:

“Knowing what I now know and having overcome the worst of “psychiatric” symptoms without having to submit to psychiatric treatment of any kind, if ever I am again troubled by any condition of a “mental” nature, I will upturn all the closets of my life in search of a present physical cause. I will follow the best detoxification and exercise program available and, if necessary, I will go on a fruit and water diet … I would undergo a colonic irrigation once a week for a few weeks.”

A Final Word On Psychiatric Misdiagnosis And Missed Diagnosis

The foregoing is but briefly summarized research. But these highlights should encourage us to study further into this matter. Psychiatric misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis of body chemistry is a determinate factor in health management. It certainly behoves us all to acquire second opinions regarding ourselves and our loved ones when symptoms present that mimic a case for psychiatric remedies.

For more information and to read the tragic testimonies of those who have fallen into the “benzo trap,” please visit See this link to view the shocking documentary: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging – Making a Killing.

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