The Fundamental Concepts of Cure

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The Fundamental Concepts of Cure

Cancer is a terrifying disease. Although almost four times as many survive it as not, it still kills millions of people every year around the world. With all the medical advances we’ve made in recent years, it seems incredible that we haven’t yet found a cure for cancer that works all the time, every time.

Way back in 1971, award-winning author Dr Max Warmbrand wrote an article entitled “Are We Ever Going To Find A Cure For Cancer?” Almost 50 years later, we’re still asking ourselves the same question. And we will carry on asking it for as long as we carry on living unhealthy lifestyles. If we continue to sleep with our windows closed, eat too much of the wrong kinds of foods, exercise infrequently and subject ourselves to undue stress, we will continue to weaken our immune defences, fill our bodies with toxins, and end up being hopelessly malnourished.

In his article, Dr Warmbrand urges doctors to align their approaches to the “fundamental concepts of health-restoration.” But what did he mean by that? Let’s take a look at a couple of these fundamental concepts.

What Are The Main Concepts Of Cure?

Concept 1

Disease never comes without a cause. Even Scripture assures us that “the curse causeless shall not come.” (Proverbs 26:2). Even in cases where someone inherits a disease from their parents, isn’t heredity then, a  valid cause of that disease? However, the flip side of that is, far too often we attribute the cause of an illness to hereditary factors when in fact, it’s not the disease we inherited but disease-causing bad habits.

Concept 2

Remove causes, don’t just suppress symptoms. In other words, let’s simply stop doing whatever it is that’s making us ill. Only then is there true hope for recovery. Dr Carl Albrecht, senior lecturer in pharmacology at the University of Stellenbosch Medical School, said at a recent National Cancer Association seminar that 50 percent of cancers could be avoided by simple modifications in the way we eat!

Concept 3

Disease fills the void when health is in short supply. Therefore, to drive out disease, we must “fill up” on health. Improving our health and vitality is what will ultimately overcome disease – supplemented at times by rational therapies and simple, natural remedies.

Concept 4

When we work with our body’s healing efforts, we can usually heal ourselves. Dr Warmbrand tells us that “the body possesses the power to destroy cancer cells.” Our first priority, whether we’re a cancer patient or not, should be to help our bodies harness our inborn healing power. We should be boosting our immune responses, increasing bodily energy, and decreasing the levels of impurities in our system.

What Are The Secrets To Recovery?

Disease is not a mysterious foe that strikes the innocent passer-by at random. Life is governed by laws. When we break these laws, we deprive ourselves of their protection and lay out the red carpet for suffering and a shortened life.

When looking for recovery, we shouldn’t place our entire trust in any one remedy or therapy. Our first duty is to bring our lifestyle and diet back into harmony with the laws of life. Then, we can make use of proven remedies and rational therapies to help Nature correct the fault, restore the balance, expel poisons and throw off the offending cause.

Of course, we’re not saying that medicines do not have their rightful place in the healing armoury. What we are saying, however, is that when medicine is prescribed without any thought to the causes of the illness, then we are simply using it as some kind of magic potion. This approach simply has no possible chance of producing positive results.

The sad truth is, however, that most ill people rest all hope of recovery on their medication. They faithfully take the prescribed dosages, yet doggedly continue with the very life-destroying habits that made them ill in the first place. No thought is given to causes, no improvement made to their living habits, and no change made to their diet.

Of course, drugs are sometimes useful – essential even – but they do not heal. They suppress symptoms, relieve discomfort, supply something our body needs, and sometimes they may even keep us alive. But, for the most part, drugs do not, and cannot, add to our accumulation of health. And health is the pot of gold at the end of every sick person’s rainbow.

The next time you’re ill, remember that yes, there is a time when we need professional advice, and when medication is necessary. But also remember that our health is the only wonder remedy we can really depend on.


If you are currently on prescription medicine, never dispense with, or reduce that medication unless advised to do so by a suitably qualified health professional. This is especially important if you take heart and/or psychiatric medication.

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