One Step Forward and Two Steps Back – The Tragic Irony of Orthodox Medicine

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One Step Forward and Two Steps Back – The Tragic Irony of Orthodox Medicine

There is no doubt that orthodox medicine helps save thousands of lives. This is why so many people talk about the “miracle of modern medicine” and hail the so-called advances and breakthroughs of modern medical science. And yet we still have disease, the war against which we are most definitely not winning. In fact, we’re more seriously ill today than we’ve ever been, and the situation is only getting worse. This is the tragic irony. Yes, modern medicine helps sick people, but it’s all a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. There simply wouldn’t be so many sick people to heal in the first place if we relied more on Nature’s healing powers and less on science’s one.

Dr Alexis Carrel says, “Although modern hygiene has made human existence far safer, longer, and more pleasant, diseases have not been mastered. They have simply changed in nature. The years of life which we have gained by the suppression of diphtheria, smallpox, typhoid fever, and so forth, are paid for by the long sufferings and lingering deaths caused by chronic infections, and especially by cancer, diabetes and heart disease.”

Working with Nature, Not Against Her

This comes as no surprise to those who subscribe to the Nature Cure philosophy. For years they’ve tried to help the orthodox medical/drug establishment recognise that our acute ailments are not enemies to be fought and suppressed, but rather elements of Nature that should be supported in their efforts to rid our systems of unwanted, life-threatening impurities.

These warnings have, however, gone unheeded, and powerful drugs are still commonly used to suppress our acute ailments.

Respected naturopathic writer Dr Harry Benjamin, explains: “Methods that suppress our acute ailments instead of allowing toxins to be ejected – as Nature intends – from the system, succeed only in forcing these same toxins and poisons farther back into the system. Here they collect around the deeper structures, or find lodging within the vital organs, to form the basis for far more serious troubles later.”

If our acute ailments are intended to relieve us of life-burdening impurities, and yet we keep taking drugs to suppress these efforts, is it any wonder that we become more and more susceptible to chronic and degenerative diseases?

The Common Cold – A Classic Case in Point

When we have a cold, we sneeze, cough and our noses run. This is Nature doing her best to rid us of toxic impurities. And yet, because we don’t like feeling unwell, we take a decongestant cold “remedy.” Most cold medicine contains alcohol, so naturally, we soon feel a little more cheery. The analgesic relieves us of some discomfort, and our nose starts to dry up. We find ourselves praising the wonders of modern medicine and believe the drug has cured us. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we are, in fact, worse off than before we took the medicine.

Cold medicines relieve the symptoms of the illness, but they do not cure it. Yet the very symptoms they relieve are the ones that actually help us rid our systems of impurities. At the end of the day, all we have achieved by taking the medicine is to stop Nature from making us well!

It’s a vicious circle – every time Nature makes a renewed effort to clean out our body’s closets, we resort to drugs to suppress those efforts. Nature responds by intensifying her efforts, and we hit back with stronger and stronger suppressive medications. Eventually, the levels of impurities in our systems become so excessive our body is forced into violent and unnatural action. Suddenly, our cold becomes bronchitis or pneumonia, and we are forced to take suppressive medication because, by this stage, our body’s desperate efforts to rid us of this unnatural accumulation of toxic matter could very well suffocate or even kill us.

The Great Medication Myth

The most tragic part of the above scenario is that the suppressive drugs we took that started the whole mess are readily available over the counter and without having to consult with a medical professional. This is how things snowball from being voluntary users of over-the-counter drugs to being involuntary, and possibly life-long, users of extremely expensive prescription medications. Medications that not only add to the impurities already in our systems but that also suppress Nature’s healing efforts.

We end up locked into a medication programme that keeps us alive but one that also keeps us from actually getting well. The original impurities are still in our system and we haven’t changed the lifestyle and diet that contributed to our problem in the first place.

Eventually, our bodies are so saturated with toxic impurities that the environment surrounding our cells starts to change. In order for our cells to survive in this strange new environment, they are forced to alter their characteristics. Natural cells can become abnormal cells. This, in turn, can lead to:

  • Connective tissue disease (scleroderma)
  • Cell mutation (cancer)
  • Cell destruction (such as with emphysema)
  • Tumours (the result of our bodies encapsulating toxic impurities to protect our other cells).

It must be acknowledged that orthodox medicine is often superb in areas such as surgery, emergency, and trauma. However, there is a real fear that when it comes to the treatment of disease, an awful mistake has been made – and one that is costing humanity dearly.

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