Navigating The Healing Crisis With Sense And Skill

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Navigating The Healing Crisis With Sense And Skill

Quite simply, we cannot expect to get well as long as excessive toxic impurities are backed up in the system – and very often the only way that the body can eliminate this encumbrance is through the “friendly” process of acute “dis-ease.”  The problem is, in our ignorance, we make it very difficult for the body to do its job. Here’s to understanding the body’s natural processes for detoxifying itself and appreciating that a reappearance of symptoms prior to improving is just a healing crisis and it means we’re right on track.

Nature’s Fabulous Healing System

Naturopathic writer, George Teasdale, tells us: “By the time a man reaches forty years of age living on a civilized diet, he may have stored away in his body upwards of twenty pounds of mucous. When he discontinues the intake of catarrh forming foods, the life forces within him commence to break down and eject this large accumulation of virus.”

How does the body “eject this large accumulation” of virus / mucous / impurities? In a classic healing crisis – by way of a cold, a cough, sneezing, short-lived skin blemishes, etcetera. What this means is that just when we imagine we should be feeling better because we’re on a detox regime, we experience a sudden upsurge in the frequency of our acute ailments for a few days.

Dr Jensen explains: “In the process of cleansing, Nature is breaking down the stored-up toxic material that has developed in the body from the use of drugs, vaccines, injections, and generally bad living habits … when a drug is given to suppress this discharge, they are interfering with nature’s way of ridding the body of toxic waste.”

A healing crisis can manifest itself in various ways, but there’s usually catarrhal elimination, accompanied by any of the following: headache, boils, skin rash, sore joints, retention of water (oedema), mild fever and/or stiff muscles. In fact, we might even relive some of our old ailments and pains, especially those that were suppressed by drug medications. Diarrhoea, bad breath, and minor skin blemishes can also present for a short while as the body seeks by every means possible to cleanse itself.

Preventing unnecessary surgery

Dr T. Hartley- Hennessey, A.R.C.A., tells us . . . “In many countries enjoying modern civilization, almost every law of nature is now violated. Under modern conditions, if a child is taken to hospital suffering from inflamed and discharging tonsils, not only are the tonsils, which are doing their job magnificently, amputated, but the child is returned home in the same condition of life which produced the disease.”

So, the message here is that if inflamed tonsils present, our first need is to seek by every means possible to help to detoxify the body. With or without needing to navigate a healing crisis, the process would include:

  • drinking of lots of water in-between meals
  • hot baths followed by skin rubs
  • a mild herbal laxative or an enema for four or five days
  • a daily drink of activated, granulated charcoal
  • a liberal daily dose of vitamin C and other antioxidants
  • a switch to high-fibre natural foods – preferably vegetarian.

Obviously, sweets, refined junk foods and sugary, preserved drinks must be totally excluded from our intake. By removing the cause, and cleansing the system, the inflammation should soon subside – and expensive, painful surgery will thus be avoided.

Harnessing Healing

At first, the healing crisis sounds like a cruel quirk of Nature, but the body, in its all-wise economy, is always looking for opportunity to cleanse itself. Under normal circumstances, wisdom, perseverance, and sometimes a few natural remedial agencies, are all that may be needed to help our systems to recover. At such times there is usually no need for alarm for, as Dr Jensen assures us: “It takes a reserve to go through a healing crisis, and the body will not produce a crisis unless it is able to go through with it.”

So, here’s to your good health and to your skilful navigation through the healing crisis. Let’s work to detox your system and allow your incredible body to do what it needs to, in order to bring you into balance and well-being.

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