Nature’s Way Is The Best Way

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Nature’s Way Is The Best Way

That might sound like some sort of new age, hippy tree hugger kind of statement. But, if you’ve been following these blogs, you’ll know that when it comes to the health of our bodies, nature and good, hard, scientific fact, are in complete agreement on this one. As we’ve previously highlighted, numerous studies show that junk food wreaks havoc on our systems. It robs us of energy and fills us with toxic impurities. We know that our real enemies are not germs themselves, but the impurities in our systems in which germs thrive. It’s not so much heredity diseases that are to blame, but hereditary habits. And we don’t actually have bad luck, we simply make bad choices. To take back control of our lives, we need to focus on fixing the things we neglect every day, and reign in our indulgences.

Now that we’ve identified our real enemies, we can change the focus of our attention from what to do when we’re sick, to what we should be doing to make sure we’re always well. Let’s worry about prevention instead of cure, and redirect our obsession with finding remedies into an obsession with our health. It is, after all, our most important safeguard against illness and disease.

Following Nature’s Way – The Ultimate Proof

You might have noticed that I am more than a little passionate about getting well by getting healthy. I thought it was time to share with you why this is so. What drove me to be this way, and to speak with such conviction?

So, a bit of background: For many years, my colleagues and I conducted health awareness seminars under the auspices of the Natural Health Foundation. During these seminars, which typically lasted between a week and 10 days, delegates lived in specially hired dormitories and ate specially prepared meals.

Time and time again, we noticed that delegates who had been suffering from long-standing ailments recovered from them during the time they were with us. Some, who struggled to walk more than a few steps at the start of the seminar, were happily taking brisk, three and five-kilometre walks by the end. Those with high blood pressure found it had normalised by the time they went home. Many people reported clearer skin and more manageable hair, while yet others found they no longer suffered from the headaches that had plagued them for years.

What makes these results so amazing is that they arose simply from delegates following a healthier lifestyle and enjoying a more natural and nourishing diet. Many attendees were inspired to continue with this newfound, healthier way of living after they left the seminar. They later reported complete recovery from a range of illnesses, including gout, heart problems, depression, migraines, constant colds and low blood sugar. Even healthy delegates reported gaining new levels of vitality they hadn’t before experienced.

Healthy And Delicious

The amazing results from our seminars, combined with my many years of study and research, inspired the publication of the book, “Nature’s Way.” It encapsulates all the principles we advocate at our seminars and proved life-changing for all who bought it and followed its principles and guidelines.

Perhaps the real beauty of following Nature’s Way is that it doesn’t need expensive medicines, agonising diets or radical treatments. It’s simply a logical, comfortable programme that suggests substitutions, rather than prohibitions. Your meals will look the same, but they’ll taste better than ever. You can still love and enjoy food without sacrificing your health. The incredibly positive feedback we receive from people who attend our seminars and try the recipes is proof that healthy eating can also be delicious eating.

It’s important to stress at this point that the Nature’s Way programme isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. There are no radical changes, time frames or step-by-step instructions. The real beauty of our approach is that it meets you where you are, and lets you move forward at whatever pace is satisfying and comfortable for you.

In our next blog, we give you a brief outline of the Nature’s Way programme, together with a logical explanation of how it all works. Don’t miss it.

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