Mercury Poisoning From The Teeth In Our Mouths’ Dental Fillings

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Mercury Poisoning From The Teeth In Our Mouths’ Dental Fillings

The mercury in the amalgam, more toxic than arsenic, leaches from dental fillings into our system for the lifetime of the filling. The many and varied diseases, illnesses and symptoms manifested depend, in large measure, on our individual health and biochemistry capabilities. Sadly, many practitioners are not trained to search for root causes, instead, they were taught to identify symptoms and look up remedies in Latin textbooks. So, mercury-induced depression that may very well be treated with ‘happy pills’ morphs further into all manner of illnesses because the root cause remains undiscovered.

Mental, Emotional And Behavioural Problems

The blood dumps the highly toxic metal into the delicate organ tissues around our nervous system. Mercury poisoning breaks right through the blood-brain barrier causing a horrifying host of emotional, behavioural and mental changes categorized as psychiatric disorders besides many lesser problems such as difficulty articulating words, numbness and tingling if the motor nerves are taking strain, restless legs and loss of coordination. As Dr Colgan explains: “The most insidious symptom was his loss of confidence, something you would think was entirely mental. No way. Mercury poisoning attacks the brain, to cause a condition marked by shyness, fearfulness, and timidity. It can reduce the strongest athlete to a frightened mouse.”

Respiratory, Reproductive And Urinary Disruption

According to renowned Dr Rachel Hall, some 80 % of mercury vapour from the poison in our teeth is absorbed via the lungs, which, besides accounting for bad breath, causes chronic breathing disorders from breathlessness to asthma and from a persistent cough to bronchitis.

Mercury poisoning badly affects the reproductive organs and shows up in low libido in both genders, PMT, miscarriages, severe and irregular menstruation in women and impotence, premature ejaculation and defective sperm in men.

Accumulation in the kidneys causes them damage plus bladder issues like frequent and urgent urination among other bladder and kidney disease are among the most common manifestations of mercury poisoning.

Musculoskeletal, Digestive And Immune Distress

Mercury poisoning in muscles and joints presents in low back pain, jaw-joint dysfunction, rapid muscle fatigue and cramps, joint stiffness, swelling and pain.

We’ve all got to eat but the knowledge that we’re swallowing mercury in our saliva along with our food is horrific. Heading straight for the digestive system, it causes the havoc we know as food intolerance, abdominal pain and cramping, both diarrhoea ad constipation, leaky gut, nausea, gastroenteritis IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and heartburn.

Our immune system is most often the first casualty of mercury poisoning and understandably results in very serious health issues from recurring yeast infections to autoimmune diseases and from water retention (in the legs especially) to cancer.

Cardiovascular, Heart And Hormone Problems

The heart muscle is the collection spot for mercury – to the extent of 22,000 times the levels found in the blood according to Dr Hall. “Mercury”, she says, “is strongly associated with elevated levels of homocysteine and cholesterol and heart attacks.” – go figure! Symptoms will be angina, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, a racing heart or abnormally slow heartbeat, heart palpitations, low or high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, easy bleeding or bruising.

The endocrine system and our hormone balance are seriously affected by mercury poisoning, in fact it blocks the receptors which the hormones use to send messages to the organs and cells. Here we’re looking at blood sugar imbalances, under-functioning thyroid and adrenal glands – often accompanied by exhaustion, and poor physiological responses to stress.

The real tragedy though, is that treating the symptoms doesn’t stop mercury poisoning. At a rate of knots, the blood dumps the ever-leaching mercury on the delicate organ tissues around our brain and nervous system.

Oral, Nasal, Eyesight, Hearing, Balance And Hair, Nails And Skin Symptoms

Interestingly, high concentrations of mercury collect in the soft tissues of the mouth but to make matters worse, the mixing of gold and amalgam – as in the practice of placing gold crowns over amalgam cores, actually drives mercury into the surrounding bone.  Periodontal disease, a red, inflamed mouth – with or without ulcers, bleeding gums, dark spots on the gums, a metallic taste and excessive salivation are a result of mercury poisoning.

It isn’t rocket science to figure that mercury vapour affects the lining of the nose and sinuses but understand that from there it is transported directly to the brain! The result? Nasal congestion, persistent sore throat, chronic tonsillitis, chronic or recurring rhinitis and sinusitis are the usual victims.

Believe it or not, mercury collects within our eyeballs (observed as dark cloudy areas/’floaters’). Not only that, but the muscles used for operating our lenses, for focusing and the retina sensory nervous system are hammered by mercury poisoning. Bulging eyes, light sensitivity, poor night vision, even poor colour vision, tunnel vision and visual blurring could all be due to mercury.

Many of the ear’s sensory nerves take strain with mercury poisoning manifest in poor balance, vertigo, dizziness, ear canal pain, loss of hearing and even forms of deafness.

We all know the skin is the largest organ of the body and the most vital for excretion. The body will always try to eliminate mercury poison via the skin. The signs to look for are facial puffiness, itchy rashes, night sweats, any excessive perspiration or the opposite – an inability to sweat, eczema and psoriasis, flaking, red skin around the eyes, thick, red skin on feet and hands. The hair will be dull, thin, wiry and prematurely greying. There may be a loss of pubic, underarm or head hair. The nails are weak and flaky tearing and splitting easily.

Fact File:

In the United States, Mercury has now been banned from use in interior latex paints and it has even been banned from use in the switching mechanism of children’s running shoes – those shoes with lights in the heel – because the shoes will ultimately end up on a landfill and the mercury will eventually leak into and poison the subterranean water supply. You can only imagine how poisonous mercury must be for the U.S. health authorities to take such steps! Even more baffling is the thought that dentists are advised not to touch mercury, and yet they are taught to implant it in our teeth – where our tongues can touch it 24 hours a day! Here are some final pointers to remember:

  • Never allow a dentist to place a silver/mercury filling in your mouth – take this article with you in case you meet resistance.
  • Never believe that you will achieve optimal wellness while you have silver/mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth.
  • Never discount the possibility that the silver/mercury fillings in your teeth are contributing to your ill health and/or to your bad feelings.
  • Never allow a dentist to remove your silver/mercury fillings unless he uses a full rubber dam and takes all the necessary precautions.

Happily, there are now mercury-free dentists and websites that abound with excellent information on mercury poisoning and detoxification, such as Dr Tom McGuire at and Dr Rachel Hall at

Regarding silver amalgam fillings and the removal thereof, the following websites are highly recommended: and

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