Medical Endorsements

The following endorsements apply to the original manuscript, which comprises only the 14 chapters that are included in Part One. These endorsements obviously do not apply to the links and to the unrelated features that appear in the Quick-Finder Index.

Dr. Andre Sinden,
(B. Sc., M.B., Ch. B.),
Hoogland Hydro, Pretoria, South Africa

“Very impressive indeed! To be honest, this manuscript is one of the most impressive I have ever read. It is really an inspiration which I will gladly recommend to anyone.”

“It was with special interest that I studied the manuscript for this book – a book that has gone a long way towards dropping the pieces of the puzzle into place. Neville Mandy has succeeded in grasping a few of the basic principles in such a way that it rekindles one’s enthusiasm to go back and reinterpret the fundamental knowledge on which our healing system is founded.”

“I hope that this little book will be read by millions of people and that it will help many to take control of their own lives, and to guide their destinies in awesome respect for their incredibly created bodies.”

Professor J. Lewis Meiring
(MB., Ch.B., M.Med.),
Pretoria, South Africa

“I recommend this book for all people, even for those who are healthy – it is different from similar books.”

“In writing this book, Neville Mandy has succeeded in helping people to understand how health and happiness may be achieved by simple measures.”

“Not having had any experience with mercury toxicity I cannot make any comment about this portion of the book, but as for the rest of the book, I enjoyed reading it and found it scientifically correct. No false claims are made. Everything in this book is practical and feasible.”