Lifestyle And Diet – Key Destinations On The Road To Recovery

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Lifestyle And Diet – Key Destinations On The Road To Recovery

We now know that generally speaking, our acute ailments are simply Nature’s efforts to cleanse our systems of life-threatening impurities. We also know how dangerous it is to try to impede these efforts. So we need to think about what we can do to help, rather than hinder Nature when she brings on one of these acute “ailments.” Obviously, our first responsibility is to examine our lifestyle and diet and to make whatever changes are necessary. This is a critical step, as we will never get well as long as we continue to do whatever it is that is making us ill.

At this point, however, it’s important to stress that, if you suspect for one moment that your illness is anything other than an acute ailment, you need to seek appropriate professional help.

If, however, you are convinced your discomfort is caused by Nature’s acute eliminative efforts, then read on. Of course, please remember this content isn’t intended to be prescriptive and is purely for information purposes. Please discuss any potential changes to your lifestyle and diet with your naturopath or a health-conscious, nutrition-oriented physician.

Lifestyle and Diet – Making Healthy Choices

In simple terms, when we are ill, there are two objectives that demand our undivided attention:

  • Maximise our energy levels
  • Minimise the levels of impurities in our system.

Professor Arnold Ehret, author of The Mucousless Diet System, gives us the same advice but presents it in the form of an equation. I have taken the liberty of adapting his terminology a little:

Physical Health = Bodily Energy Minus Bodily Impurities

For many years I’ve been convinced that the world needs a simple health message from which everyone can benefit and that everyone understands. My message, which I believe ticks both those boxes, is this:

Go for energy and rid the body of impurities.

But what can we do to actually achieve this? Firstly we need to find the cause of our sickness. By doing so, we get a better idea of how to change our unhealthy habits and correct our wrong ones. Both these things will help Nature expel impurities and re-establish harmonious conditions within our systems.

In summary, we need to:

  • Investigate our lifestyle and diet
  • Change our lifestyle and diet where necessary
  • Help Nature free our systems from the conditions that have arisen as a result of faulty lifestyle and dietary habits.

As you can see, diet and lifestyle are central to the entire process. And yet how many doctors issue prescriptions every day without once asking their patients about either thing? Orthodox medicine will continue to lose its war on disease until it realises that its “enemy” is actually a friend and that co-operation with Nature’s efforts is the key to getting the best results.

Following Nature’s Way

Our Nature’s Way programme helps Nature in her efforts “to expel impurities and re-establish the right conditions in the system.” My colleagues and I have seen a great many people totally transformed by this programme. Pimply-faced, chubby little girls slim down and have clear skin in just a few weeks. Overweight women regain a healthier figure in a surprisingly short space of time – without starving. Men have to take in the waist of their pants by many centimetres. We have seen sad people become happy, suicidal or depressed people stabilise. And of course, we have seen hundreds of people recover from a wide variety of ailments.

So what was it that brought about such radical improvements? Two key things:

  • They substituted the good for the bad in their lifestyle and diet. This improved their energy levels and reduced the level of impurities in their system.
  • They stopped suppressing Nature’s efforts to make them well.

The Nature’s Way programme increases our body’s energy reserves and encourages the elimination of impurities from our system via the bladder, bowels, lungs, and the skin – assisted of course by the blood, liver, kidneys and lymph system.

The programme also focuses on “cleansing” the mind. Destructive emotions have a direct impact on our health. When our minds labour under stressful emotions and negative attitudes such as guilt, distrust, selfishness, sadness, anxiety, discontent, grief, remorse, anger, fear, hatred, envy and/or jealousy, we burden, weaken and poison our entire system. These emotions drain our energy reserves and cause our adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline into our bloodstream. If not used in a fight or flight situation, adrenalin actually adds to the accumulation of toxic impurities in our system.

Always remember, however, that when you first adopt a more healthy way of life, you must expect what is known as a “healing crisis.” More about that in our next blog.

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