Finding Accurate Health Information

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Finding Accurate Health Information

When health experts contend in disagreement with each other, it can be a somewhat intimidating minefield for a health-conscious layperson to find their way to accurate health information. With all the hype and fads pouring out from the internet daily, makes the task daunting to say the least. But that doesn’t excuse us from doing what it takes to access the right path for ourselves. Keeping our heads about us will help us avoid common pitfalls.

Health Information Assessment Tips

The wealth of information available does mean we can readily access health information. All we need to be aware of is to assess its accuracy by weighing up source reliability and sticking to reputable websites. One hot tip when looking up health concerns on the internet would be to check how old the information is – something posted long ago may be horribly out of date and misleading. Having said that, let’s not fall into another common pitfall by imagining that new findings making their way into the global village are necessarily accurate. We need to follow the chain of logic and use our own intellect as we investigate. Spare a thought too for the fast-changing health information all professionals must contend with and not expect the professionals we may be consulting to have all the latest findings at their finger-tips. It is not out of place to ask any health practitioner questions based on what we may have personally researched.

Beware Of Self-diagnosing Even With Accurate Health Information

Learning as much as we can about a diagnosis we may have received regarding ourselves or a loved one makes good sense. The danger lies in trying to self-diagnose via health information on the internet, which may be anything but accurate. Even if accurate health information is delivered, our ignorance might cause us to believe we match the symptoms of all manner of illnesses. Locating a reputable health professional in our area is the smart thing to do, but remember, what works for one may not work for another.  Ultimately, we need to determine for ourselves whom we trust and why. Health blog sites could just be personal opinion. Those who are more reputable will indicate the sites their information comes from so that it can be checked out. Health company blogs may be regarded as prejudicial but may very well be perfectly accurate. In either case, a good rule of thumb is never to take as gospel everything we read online.

Accurate Health Information In General

Where there is no crisis or diagnosis to research, following sound health principles will go a long way in educating us in practices that promote health and well-being on the home front. Over-work and over-exercise are both detrimental as is laziness and disinterest in ourselves and our bodies.

General good health information that is accurate and has stood the test of time include:

  • Activated Charcoal – Attracts poisons to itself and is excellent for digestive discomfort and to neutralize toxins, such as lead or mercury in the body. Great for external application for bites and stings too.
  • Antioxidants – free radical fighters, much needed in our polluted world are best sought from natural food sources, before incorporating reputable supplements.
  • Bowels – Professionally administered colon flushing is always in order, but a home remedy for sluggish bowels, such as eating prunes, drinking prune juice in water an hour before eating or a herbal laxative are all recognized as accurate health information and protocols. Psyllium Husk Powder is really a must in every home for promoting healthy bowel function. Taking intestinal flora orally is suggested for those of us with mercury fillings.
  • Exercise – If but for flushing and eliminating the poisons we accumulate in our bodies from the toxic world around us, exercise is high on the priority health list.
  • Fasting – not always pleasant, but certainly a sure-fire way to give the body the opportunity to detoxify itself. Using fruit or vegetable juicing along with filtered or spring water on a regular fast day, adds years to our lives.

In short, prioritizing our health and that of loved ones in our care is a great reason to be constantly updating ourselves with accurate health information. Never give up learning, never give up searching for understanding. Respect the miraculous systems present in the human body and understand that we are in charge of our own vessels. Accurate health information will confirm that what we put into our bodies, what we habitually fuel ourselves with, dictates what sort of health journey we will experience. If we aim for ‘clean foods’ that are not processed and use healthy cooking methods such as steaming, regulate our protein portion sizes to the palm of our hand and have more than half our plate filled with vegetables, we will be less in line for a health crisis.

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